Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a re-education of the body based on the principles of conscious awareness, inhibition and direction.

Alexander Technique will be offered to clients who have an interest in learning how to use and coordinate themselves in a way that helps keep the body in a poised, toned and balanced state, as to prevent injury and move with ease.

AT education will be used in 3 complementary areas – postural re-education, voice and yoga.

More information about Alexander Technique can also be found at “The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique”


For voice users, we are our own instrument. Hence, learning about how our own coordination and posture can affect the quality of our voice is very important. We aim to help clients develop a conscious awareness towards their habits around voice production.

Our aim is to maximize the potential of each performer, to help them sing and move with ease, thus having a longer lasting career.

We also aim to help any voice user in using themselves and their voice efficiently in presentations or in their everyday life.

Postural Re-education

Our aim is to create better postural awareness in patients, remove unwanted postural habits, injury prevention and to provide them with a self- management tool to better use and coordinate themselves in their daily lives.​

Learning about the close connection between the mind and the body (psycho-physical unity) is also of importance to discover the effect of emotional stress on the physical body.


Our personalised one on one yoga lesson looks at altering poses and routines to suit each individual depending on structural issues, injuries or different flexibilities. Injury prevention and application of these poses to daily activities are emphasized upon.

​We also focus on identifying and improving your overall coordination prior to performing a pose.

​Improving body awareness and identifying excessive muscular tension holding will also be part of the lesson.

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