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‘My approach is always gentle & thoughtful, allowing people to know that they can do things that they once would not be able to do, even the smallest change matters.’

My treatment approach is very much influenced by my own life changing experience with chiropractic. Having experienced the tremendous effect of the gentle yet powerful effect of cranial work,I focus a lot on checking and balancing cranial structures and the jaw.

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Applied Kinesiology

Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

Dry Needling

Kinesiology Tape

Alexander Technique

Postural Re-education


Learning about how our own coordination and posture can affect the quality of our voice is very important.


Poses and routines to suit each individual depending on structural issues, injuries or different flexibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a hands-on, drug free approach in managing neuromusculoskeletal conditions. It is a natural, safe, and effective approach to better health, based on the scientific fact that your body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism.

Chiropractic is a vitally holistic philosophy and considers that each person contains the innate wisdom they need for healing, well being and living their full potential. With this, my chiropractic work is always emerging, including new health modalities and possibilities.

How Can It Benefit Our Health?

My role as a chiropractor is to restore optimal movement in the spine, maintain a healthy functioning nervous system, and thereby restoring this innate ability of the body. As your nervous system is responsible for the functioning of muscles, organs, and sensation, maintaining a healthy nervous system free from interference, is of utmost importance for maintaining a healthy body.

How Long Does It Take To Recover?

This depends on a few factors, including the severity of your condition, the duration in which you have had the condition for, and the healing ability of your body. Hence, the recovery journey for every single person is different. Usually at least 4-5 visits are required to start to create a change in the body.

Your 1st adjustment is like going to the gym for the 1st time, your body may not accept the change immediately; it may take a few visits for your body to adapt and accept the changes.

How Often Should I See a Chiropractor?

This again depends on your condition, majority will need weekly sessions in the initial recovery phase, occasionally, and some may need a schedule of 2x per week. However, once your body has accepted the changes and you are in the maintenance phase, a schedule of 1x per month is encouraged to keep the body in good alignment, hence maintaining a healthy functioning nervous system.

A good analogy is taking your car to the service centre. Similarly with our body, we use it every single day, so it is important to make sure our spine and nervous system is functioning at its optimum potential.

What Is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a re-education of the body based on the principles of conscious awareness, inhibition and direction. It is about identifying, and then learning how to change certain harmful habits that may be causing the continuous cycle of tension in your body. It

AT education will be used in 3 complementary areas – postural re-education, voice and yoga.

Alexander Technique will be offered to clients who have an interest in learning how to use and coordinate themselves in a way that helps keep the body in a poised, toned and balanced state, as to prevent injury and move with ease.

How Can It Benefit Me?

Alexander Technique allows you to understand your own natural body design, and understand how it’s meant to move. We often learn harmful postural habits as we grow older, hence learning how to be aware of them and changing them can beneficial to us in a long run.

Alexander Technique is a way of life. Once acquired, you are able to apply it to activities of daily life.

  • Learn how to identify and change harmful postural habits
  • Self management tool for muscular tension (body-mind unity)
  • Move with ease
  • Preventing Repetitive strain issues (sometimes injury and pain could result from HOW you are doing an action). Hence, Alexander Technique is used in music schools for musicians, singers, and actors to prevent repetitive strain issues as well.
How Many Sessions Are Required?

A minimum of 5 sessions is required to create a change. Habits are deeply engrained in our mind and body; hence it requires repetitive training of the mind and body to create a new pathway in your mind.

Weekly sessions are encouraged for best results. Having lessons daily or 2x/week is possible as well to further familiarize your mind and body to the new way of moving and thinking. Combined effort from the student practicing the thinking and procedures at home is required as well.

What Is Online Chiro-Alexander Coaching?

This service enables you to get a thorough chiropractic consultation and receive personalized advice suited to your condition from the comfort of your own home.

We combine this with Alexander Technique coaching sessions to enable you to learn how to move with ease during your daily activities; whether be it exercising, vacuuming, sitting in front of the computer or tv.

This online setting allows the practitioner to observe you in your natural habitual pattern and coach you accordingly to identify possible habits causing tension and pain in you life (eg. Ergonomics).


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